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Re: This is your brain... this is your brain on a looping tour

Hi Ernesto,

ernesto schnack wrote:
> So was this tour documented in any way?  I'm sure many on this list
> (including myself) are interested to hear what you guys sounded like
> together.

Apparently there were audience recordings made by a particularly
dedicated fellow with a MiniDisc recorder at several gigs, and I know at
least one show got a dedicated "serious" recording treatment.  My guess
(and only a guess at this point) is that once the musicians in question
can sort through the tapes and decide on material they feel comfortable
in sharing, then some snippetts of the tour will probably materialize on
someone's web site.  Rest assured the list will be mercilessly spammed
if and when that happens...

Thanks for the interest,

--Andre LaFosse
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