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Re: cover article on looping and more

Rick, your city MAYOR wrote this?  Wow!- you live in a super-hip city (and
likely in part due to your hip love of looping work!).

Thanks for sharing,

 >   ...I recieved this letter from the Mayor of Santa Cruz. ...
> "Dear Rick,
> Thanks so much for allowing me to participate in your concert last night.
> The music was wonderful and the spirit of the crowd was such an example 
> the spirit of Santa Cruz.
> I realized as I was driving home that what you are doing is what will
> the world. We all need to follow suit, one note at a time, one
> at a time: be IN the moment, IN the present, with joy and love.
> I've been reading a book called "The Path of Least Resistance" The author
> a pianist, a composer, who many years ago began trying to understand how
> creative process works. He points out that one of fundamental principles
> the universe is that energy follows the path of least resistance, that
> path is determined by its underlying structure AND most importantly when
> change the underlying structure you change the path. Last night I saw the
> three of you do that: laying down the underlying structure, listening to
> and to
> one another and flowing with the energy of your musical river.
> Thank you...and keep it up! You're holding the planet together!
> Love,
> Emily"