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Re: Hexfuzz (was Re: Fretless MIDI guitar)


Many thanks for sharing your information with us.

You have mentioneded bad cross-talk with magnetic pickups that have led 
to mechanical transduction.

Have you had experience with the Godin guitars?

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Subject: Re: Hexfuzz  (was Re: Fretless MIDI guitar)
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>I think that is the point of the PolyOctave, but I could be wrong. 
>Hexfuzz, some of the most beautiful fuzzy tone comes from Matthais' 
>made box.  I don't know much about it, but the tone he gets is pretty 
>I wonder why he hasn't tried to commercially produce it.

I did, 1984 in Frankfurt. And I really tried hard to explain that it can 
used to play chords, but still, the ones that would be able to play 
polyphonically said: "I will never try any distortion" and the ones 
interested in distortion did some quick solo line and were disapointed 
it did not sound as dirty as the Marshall.

I did not just build 6 filters and 6 distortiors, but the clipping is 
dynamic, so strings with different volumes will still have thoses 
volumes after distortion, so you can make a melody stand out of a chord.
And you all heard it at Loopstock :-)

And its on my site, you can build one.

>Mark Sottilaro
>Mark Hamburg wrote:
>>  on 1/2/03 10:46 AM, Richard Zvonar at zvonar@zvonar.com wrote:
>>  > RMC also makes the Freakout Box, which provides individual audio
>>  > outputs per string. This presents interesting possibilities for
>>  > surround sound and for string-specific effects processing.
>>  I don't want most of the modeling on the VG-8/88 so I haven't been 
>>  justify getting a hex pickup and getting a VG-88, but I really could 
>>  tempted by a hex pickup if I could just get a good hex fuzz for it. 
>>  breakout box plus six fuzz pedals, however, does not seem cost 
>>  Maybe the Boss PolyOctave does that but it certainly isn't clear from 
>>  online information as to whether the distortion is per string or not.
>>  Mark
>>  P.S. As a poor man's hex-a-fuzz substitute, has anyone tried the PAiA
>>  Quadrafuzz?


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