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Re: LEXICON pcm 81 gear lust

Try the MPX1, it's a lot cheaper, and great for mangling.

dcoffin@taunton.com wrote:

>  These are deep boxes, certainly, but I sold a PCM80 I'd lusted after for
> years after about 2 months, because I was so underwhelmed by it as a
> mangler/complexifier. I did NOT discover it to be an FX playground....but
> then, I have kind of a modular predisposition when it comes to fx design,
> and the 80/81s are decidedly not multifx. Maybe I bailed too soon, and
> you'll have better luck/more persistence....
> David Coffin
>                     "Claude Voit"
>                     <c.voit@vtx.ch       To:     
>                     >                    cc:
>                                          Subject:     LEXICON pcm 81 
>gear lust
>                     01/06/2003
>                     12:02 PM
>                     Please respond
>                     to
>                     Loopers-Deligh
>                     t
> salut salut
> will probably get me one of these soon and was asking myself if I'll find
> some
> or all of the Vortex magic in it
> Claude