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Re: Quantize=8th...

> It's particularly cool if you set the 8th/cycle value to a higher value
>  than you could realistically play in real time, i.e. putting 8th/cycle
>  to 16 at a tempo where one cycle = 180 BPM or so.

but set it too fast and the Timing LED stops flashing, 
and 8th Quant gives up and acts like Quant=OFF
>  - Use some variation when you're doing 8th-quant stuff.  Hold the
>  replace button down for different lengths of time to introduce some
>  variation in the length of the replace/substitute action, to get away
>  from the "step sequencer" feel, 

I like the step sequencer though ;-)

>  rhythmic effect, but I find that when I know precisely what I want to do
>  with Replace stuff, I like having Quantize off, because I can be more
>  accurate and exact with the way I use it.

Yes, with Quant=8 it's hard to get the exact right 8th note ,
a fraction late and you get ther next one instead.

>  8th-quant is like automatic transmission, and unquantized is like
>  driving a stick.


>  True dat.  And mad props to Andy Butler for coming up with 8th-quant in
>  the first place.

I'm sure Matthias considered 8th Quant when he was sorting out 
Quant = LOP, which was way before I got involved.

All I did was to make a convincing case for it,
(and worked out the way to make it easy to replace just one 8th.)

So the mad prop goes back to Andre for turning us on to so
many EDP possibilities.
(it looked a bit out of place with my other stuff anyhow)

andy butler