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Re: Quantize=8th...

> I'm just getting into it, especially in replace mode - have you done any
>  polyrythmic stuff with switching 8th=? during a piece - any conceptual 
>  to pass on? I'm kind of experimenting with glitchy FSU stuff at the 
>  but wondering about more predictable processes and outcomes...

first a nice trick
then some dull info

8th/cycle = 8
Insertmode = Replace (or Sub)

Record a loop of around one second in length.
(Overdub should not be used, feedback at 127)
Just a sustained tone works well.
Then play sustained tones on your instrument,
while giving some v. short taps on Insert (to Replace).
You can take your time, listen to the loop and 
drop in 8th notes which go well with whats there already. 
Allow a sequence of 8th notes to develop, but
then keep doing it for a while longer.

Multiply the loop to about 16 cycles.

Then hit Undo !!!!!

You then get a continuously developing sequence.
Hit Undo again to hear a different one.

This works so well because each cycle in the multplied loop
is different by at least one 8th note. (usually just one if you
were placing the notes carefully). 
The EDP saves an Undo history to the available memory for
every repetition of the loop, but only if it's different to 
the last.

Using Mult followed by Record it's easy to 
get perfect polyrhythms with 2 EDPs
Sync=Out for both EDPs
Set up a synced on both EDPs.

Then on one EDP do=
8th/cycle = whatever you like, why not try 5 

then Mult ended by Record on just the one EDP 
will produced polyrhythms with sample accurate

Using a polyrhythm approach with 8th Quant isn't
all that easy, although you can change loop length
accurately to the nearest 8th note, once you've
done this the length of an 8th note changes to fit the 
new cycle length (because the 8th/cycle param is still 
what it was before you changed the length).

With 2 EDPs ( or with one EDP and a device sending 
MIDI clock) you can get round this:-

When Sync= In the value of the 8th/cycle param is ignored
when there's incoming MIDI.
So then you can set Quant=8th and use
Multiply ended by Record to stir up all kinds
of poly stuff, allways keeping in sync with
the incoming MIDI and quantised to the 8th note
value of the incoming MIDI.

So then it's possible to do those 8th replace psuedo sequencers
and change time sig at will.   

andy butler