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Re: looping brings infinity?

"Matthias Grob" <matthias@grob.org>:

> Stephan:
> >Perhaps the word "mimic" is too confusing - but you can't necessarily 
> >that a Zoom 2100 or an EDP is nature.  Perhaps the manner in which we 
> >would be described as mimicry to an extent.  That doesn't make it less
> >it is though.  I think of it in the manner that I consider the binary
> >of our own thinking, and how this has become a pattern that shows itself
> >behavior, as well as computers.  We know that, in nature, there are 
> >not two-sided situations, "black and white", but rather a full spectrum
> >one end to another.
> and there is no 100% FeedBack in nature as far as I know!

I suppose that since Energy always goes someplace else, no matter what we
do, one should rejoice in its movement, and even more when we have 
to do with its guidance...?  It's late.