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Re: hardware sequencers

I have uploaded a cool example we recorded this past weekend of Goddess
using the repeater as she describes below.  She can elaborate, but it
is a guitar loop she constructed on the Repeater, used the MC-505 to
control pitch of this loop, and real time created a sequence of the
pitch control on the MC-505.  Is that about right, CQ?
You can find this sound sample at:
which is the file section of loopmusic yahoo group:
It sounds way cool.
brother bret
--- Goddess <thefates@earthlink.net> wrote:
>   I use the MC-505 which is neither small nor simple, but is
> incredibly
> intuitive and powerful, with many  live-oriented features including
> the
> ability to go in and out of record mode on the fly while playing a
> sequence
> live.  I just used this feature the other day during a rehearsal to
> develop
> a loop by changing it's pitch with a sequenced pattern which I
> recorded
> live as a developing midi loop, to create a very cool groove.  It's
> way
> awesome!   <smile>  
>   anyway, I can't recomend this high enough, since though it's quite
> complex, it's also extremely easy to use once you understand it's
> architecture.  It's alot more than a sequencer, but the sequencer
> section
> is very friendly.  
>   Have a nice day!...   
> Smiles,
> CQ

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