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Re: adult only loops = AKASH

In a message dated 9/21/2002 5:25:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time, matthias@grob.org writes:

thats nice. tell one, at least!

OK Matthias - U asked so here goes…:)

This is actually a true story, I kid u not. hehehe a la penthouse forum letters

*warning sexually explicit subject matter*

AKASH has been playing Swingers & BDSM Clubs all across America and in The UK, France and in Germany since late 98.

AKASH actually began as a joke where me and a few friends were talking about Fripp and his Pizza Hut tour and what could possibly be more unusual in terms of venues to perform at....and I began to think what if someone were to take that whole Frippian view point but in select bits and pieces and apply it in a more commercial extreme of sorts and invert it/subvert it without the reverence for Fripp & by not even remotely sounding like Fripp

Hence I went on tour playing in Adult Bookstores in NJ - Admiral Wilson Blvd, NYC and Philly...AKASH ( which means Endless Sky or Sky ) the name of a friend I had known from India and it just popped into my mind as bein the perfect name for this project: AKASH was oficially born...that was an experience in and of it self too.

AKASH has now grown and evolved considerably and run a lot longer than I ever imaginged it could or would with some of the worlds best musicians/ IMHO  ( G. Calvin Weston of Ornette Coleman, James Blood, Elliot Levin - Cecil taylor, GONG, Teddy Pendergrass, Josh Wink, Charles Duquesne from God Lives Underwater and many many others who are all fantastic performers/musicians/artists/script writers etc )

On a related tangent to another post I caught earlier, I actually believe humor is an integral part of sex and also key to selling sex here in America.

and IMHO in terms of guys ability to win chicks over - a sense of humor usually works very well with good listening skills and sometimes supplants looks and money..

& why not get freaky with Looney Tunes playing as laughter definitely lightens inhibitions more than drugs or alcohol IMHO and allows people to be more honest than ever about their own desires, curiousities if used skillfully and with sincerity.

But i can tell ya, Matthias one particular story that stands out in my mind.

This story is about being in the middle of an orgy room where im playin a solo over a what I believe was the ultimate loop i ever cooked up in all my life, while also watching/visually and emotionally connecting to a beautiful naked woman who was riding a fully naked man whose face was obscured because another woman was sitting on his face while she was orally servicing another man who was extremely well endowed.

and then in the same instant, seeing Loralai of AKASH who was supposed ot be playing guitar that nite, but instead, I see Loralai with her Ass spread wide and a man I've never seen before licking deeply into her posterior while at the same time a beautiful leather clad black woman with a rubber gloved hand is slowly and almost completely fisting Loralai's other self lubricating orifice…

and all of this while the music is building to a fever pitch... the eye contact is intense ...and we are all pushing our energy higher & together...

and what we feel and see going into each other is what we are all doing toward raising the intensity up a notch from where we receive it...

and the energy is being fed now completely at this point by the music and with each other thru every glance... every repetition of the loop and  specific notes which are highlighting and accentuating the points where we all can get inside the groove way deep in the "hole"...

I then start to do a John Mclaughlin-esque bend slowly @ 1st...
then more hurriedly ...

bending the high E string to where I think it will break ( but it doesn't ) ...

I ascend chromatically up & up and Up and Upppppppppppppppppp…

and well ...

LOL I am certain y'all get the picture by now.

But Sex play is no different than playing music...same dymanimcs of group interplay come into play and IMHO the 1st ever energy anywhere was that sexual energy.

But that one nite I just mentioned - in particular - stands as one of the most memorable ever in terms of the music AKASH has played and the connection made with the audience.

BDSM shows are also a lot of fun too ( and the majority of the shows we play as AKASH are in BDSM clubs or BDSM themed ) and all about psychology and ambience and less animated in most cases ( usually solo guitar or situations where we have installed music in place and also have Loralai, Iris senseles, RC Horsch or The Rev Johnny Hell present to provide Fire, Torture, Ropeplay, Piercing, Candlewax etc  ).

But the main idea for BDSM shows is not to be as obviously there and present as much as we are there to open up imaginations and add to the intense psychological exchanges of power and not get in the middle of activities like we do with Swingers Clubs.

The beauty of the sex club route in general wasthat it was a way to play music which we enjoyed without having restrictions or limitations.

Sex Clubs were and still are a niche which at 1st helped us brand ourselves and also get paid decent wages with an audience that was tanghible, consistent and loyal.

& theres just sooooooooooo many AKASH stories ( the shows are not the wildest affairs - its the after parties ) which are not just from my perspective alone as you name it or if u can imagine it, it is there in the evolving AKASH story

But looping and sex are the most natural combinations IMHO as that repetition and variations on that in the moment thru improvising and embellishing & being in a state of mind open to all possibilities, based upon listening and hearing others and then playing music that plays you...sex and music are indistinguishable.

Warmest Regards,
John Price/ "AKASH"
"The World's Most Erotic Band"
"Remember To Always Kill Your Expectations"