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Re: a few canya's

>> How does it perform plugged into the front of a tube amp? Gracias.
> I suppose it's fine, I've had a couple in my guitar rack in between a
> triaxis and simulclass 2:90 for years. The downside is that guitar amps 
> designed to make one guitar sound good. Trying to play multiple layers of
> guitar loops plus your direct guitar sound into most guitar amps can
> sometimes sound like mush. that's nothing to do with the EDP, just the
> nature of guitar amps, and it depends highly on the amp and what kind of
> loops you make. Some amps will be really clean and do ok, others won't.
> This is why a lot of guitar loopers end up using direct boxes and 
> their loop output into PA systems that can cleanly reproduce the loop
> layers. Also, a lot of older tube amps have wildly varying ideas of what
> levels should be used in an effects loop, which can be a problem with any
> gear. An amp with a more standard line out effect send/return is good.
> If you are a true guitar tube amp tone purist, you won't put anything 
> than the guitar in front of the tube amp. The guitar pickups loaded by 
> tube preamp input is part of that sound. Anything in the middle and 
> a wanker. :-)
> However, the EDP does have a high-impedance front end designed with 
> in mind, as well as line-level stuff. So if you aren't a tube amp nut, it
> sounds fine to plug a guitar directly into it.
> kim
kim, kudos...
your last coupla posts have been so right on...
concerning loops-its all about real time. recording loops?? reminds me of
the george carlin line about one hour photo booths"ya just *took* the
picture,you were just there and you need the pictures in 60 minutes??"

also "godflesh"!!
what a killer band-all drum machines and guitar loops and thuddingness-i
still play 'streetcleaner'regularly. it 'alters' my neighbors ;-)

and finally as a tube/tone guy i appreciate your putting it straight that
anything but guitar to preamp you *will* have tone degredation.
after that weak signal is boosted then the manipulation and fun begins...