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Re: Andre EDP Loops

> The "storing" part and the "transferable" part always seem like
> nice-to-have features. It would be a nice little check box to have there
> the EDP brochure - You can save your loops and easily transfer them to 
> And yet, I increasingly don't find these features as things I have much
> need for. I'm not even sure how I would use them.

I have to say that at the moment I'd have no need of those features in an
EDP. I guess that for me was the biggest different between the EDP and the
Repeater - EDP is ostensibly a looper/mangler, Repeater seemed to be a
versatile real time sampler... valid distinction? probably not... :o)

As for saving loops, I'm far more interested in saving music, and as Kim so
eloquently said, the music isn't in the loop, just it features the loop...

Right now, I want a couple more EDPs... :o)

BTW - my tour opening for the 21st Century Schizoid Band round the UK 
tomorrow - if you can get to any of the gigs (Wavendon, Wolverhampton,
Cambridge, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Croydon and London QEH), please come and
say hi after or during the break... dates are on my site, but they're all 
the next 16 days (and I've got three other gigs coming up - two at the
London Guitar Festival, and one in Perth, Scotland...)  Much looping will
take place at all gigs... :o)