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EDP Restart Virus Hits LA

Well, my EDP has just picked up the "infinite restart" thing Mark
Sottilaro was mentioning earlier today.  I just played a full gig with
it, without any obvious problems during the set.  But when I went to
switch it off after playing, the screen was in the "none more black" state.

Taking it home and powering it up to check it out, it was going back to
the sudden restart syndrome - sometiems several times in a row,
sometimes once.  Tapping the chassis caused it to freeze, requiring a
physical power-off.

I removed and re-seated both the EPROMS and the memory SIMMS, and right
now it seems OK, for the last few minutes at least... I'll leave it
running overnight, but just in case...

does anyone else have any additional suggestions as to things I could
try/test?  And has anyone else had recent experience with Gibson's
repair department to confirm or deny the two-month repair turnaround
time that was quoted here?  If that's the case, I'm going to have to
cancel and/or postpone quite a bit of activity indefinitely (including
the EDP tutorial video shooting, was was supposed to happen this month).

Thanks for any help,