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Re: OT: midi controllers

     Hello. I wonder if this handheld controller would give you some of the capabilites that you are looking for:
They have both a dual foot switch, and a pedal that can be added on. I haven't really looked into in depth. I'm waiting for the SurfaceOne to be released.
     Also, if you're not already familar with it, check out the Controller Zone @ http://www.synthzone.com/ctrlr.htm. There may be something there that will do what you want.
     Take care, Marc

In a message dated 9/6/2002 1:14:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time, srice44@yahoo.com writes:

Can someone recommend a source for midi controllers?
I'd like to supplement my FCB1010, not with a bigger
fancier pedal(or key)board, but a single or double
switch and CC pedal. 

One problem I want to solve is pitch shifting with
discrete values, eg. down third, fifth, octave
without trying to find them in a wide range of values.

Another cool thing would be a hand-held controller so I could
move around more while looping.

Yours in rhythm,