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Re: loop deconstruction with Repeater

Wait, why are we thinking tracks?  Think Loops.  The Repeater let's you 
do up to 99 of 'em.  Why not just make each cord a loop?  That way, 
they could be put back together pretty easily in any order you'd like.  
It's easy to do on the EDP, I think you could get the Repeater to do 
this too.

Mark Sottilaro

On Friday, September 6, 2002, at 05:17  PM, Jon Wagner wrote:

> Anyone think it would be possible to make 4 copies of the full 
> progression,
> then slip each one the right amount of measures forward and back, then
> replace the right bits of each track with silence (overdub with 
> replace=on)
> to get a reordered progression?  Certainly not an easy or even a 
> viable live
> technique, but it would accomplish the stated goal without a sequencer.
> Jon
> (instead of 4 copies the replacing with silence, you could just bounce 
> only
> the correct measures of the main track in the first place to each 
> respective
> track.  In other words 1 measure of chord IV on track2, one measure of 
> chord
> i on track 3, etc)
>>>> I think what he does is chop the chord progression and reorder the
> chunks not
>>>> pitchifting
>>> That's my point.  I can't imagine how you'd pull off
>>> that sort of manipulation, given the Repeater's
>>> interface.  Suggestions?
>> So could you do that from the front panel?  Depending upon the 
>> complexity
>> of the sequence, probably not easily if at all.