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Re: EDP sync question

set your midi routing so that the seq pilots the edp functions (note on) 
AND the
same seq receives the clock _FROM_ the edp
need a filtering midi patchbay though or you go into midi loop....

on the seq, program a 4 beat looped pattern with a multiply command on the 
beat of the pattern (quant off on edp) and a record command on the 3d beat
as the slaved seq chops the loop lenght (multiply-record the tempo 
increases at
each sequencer successive pattern turn

very funy things happens


> >...
> > You already have the functionality you are looking for to set tempos 
> > reuse them *after* you have recorded a loop, that is what the TimeCopy
> > function is for.
> ah. always more stuff to try...
> thanks.
> >...
> > Or you can play around with what Cliff discovered by mistake, where you
> > intentionally redefine the loop length for a second loop. So then Loop 
>1 is
> > one tempo and Loop 2 is another, and as you switch between them the 
> > clock tempo for the sequencer changes as well.
> >
> > kim
> yeah, that sounds like some fun.
> if the synched device is a drum machine you can easily send it into 
> or do madness with drum-and-bass type schizoid freakout.
> synching the repeater should allow for some extreme timestretch effects, 
> all organically chosen at improv time.  coolness.