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Re: EDP sync question

SWEET.  Thank you for the information.  Yes, more clinics.  Andre was 
very helpful, but you're right.  Those of us who are doing more "beat" 
oriented music synched to a sequencer would be helped by a different 
perspective.  I was actually confused in Andre's clinic about the synch 

But, to be honest with you, I'm going to wait for an endorsement deal 
with Aurisis Software to get Loop4 because I think I've got my finger 
on the pulse of the future guitar stars.  I'm both a shaker and a 
mover!  Could I get a sticker with it too?

Mark Sottilaro

On Friday, September 6, 2002, at 01:15  AM, Kim Flint wrote:

> At 04:30 PM 9/5/2002, sine@zerocrossing.net wrote:
>> I'm not sure if I'm understanding this functionality in Loop4.
> well you're question here is about something completely different from 
> what I was talking about, sorry bout that.
>> Here's my
>> question:
>> If I've got a clock coming from a sequencer and I record a 4 measure 
>> loop will
>> it stay synched even if I add a few bars with insert?
> yes. The cycle times are what defines the synchronization. Adding more 
> cycles doesn't affect sync'ing to an outside clock. That is true in 
> LoopIII also.
>>  (with quantize set to
>> on, of course)
> doesn't matter actually, it will stay in sync with or without 
> quantizing.
>> I thought the answer was no, but my head was being bombarded
>> so much at Andre's talk at Kims, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm 
>> totally off.
> Sync wasn't really covered at all during that clinic. Andre of course 
> focuses on the various features that relate to his particular style, 
> so that was more of a glitch-o-rama cut and paste clinic. That's 
> another exciting area of LoopIV, and Andre is the perfect person to 
> show it and explain it. But that's not the whole deal. The 
> synchronization features are another big area, and much of it is 
> incredibly practical. I guess we need to do more clinics!
>> What if I make a new loop of 5 bars, will it still be in synch?
> yes, you can copy the time base into a new loop as you record it, so 
> it will be in sync also. That is called TimeCopy, and can be set to go 
> automatically with the LoopCopy parameter, or under your control with 
> the Next-Insert button combination.
>> Stay in synch
>> when I go back to my first loop of four bars? (again, with quantize 
>> on)
> yes.
>> Can I
>> toggle between without having to realign?
> yes, by using SwitchQuantizing to have things switch at the cycle or 
> loop points. With LoopIII you probably want to keep the 
> SwitchQuantizing on so that the rhythm stays lined up to the down 
> beat, because there is no way to ReAlign like in LoopIV.
> With LoopIV you can switch unquantized between loops you've recorded 
> and get the rhythm as screwed up as you like, and then use ReAlign to 
> instantly put any loop back on the down beat. The Echoplex keeps track 
> of where all the external and internal startpoints are no matter what 
> you do, and knows where they are supposed to go when you want to line 
> them up again.
> feel free to ask more questions.
> kim
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