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Re: is this a known bub in repeater?

> Jon Wagner posted a loop to the repeater-users mailing list awhile back
> which I was able to move onto my CFC (changing the directory name to
> change the loop number) and use in my repeater without any issues.

We've started a nice (although slow moving) thread on the repeater-users
yahoo group which is a collective loop creation process.  I posted a simple
repeater percussion loop there and others have been able to download it and
work on it.  Jason Fink multiplied it and resampled it down to add some
tasty guitar, then reposted it.  Any member is welcome to contribute loops
or add to existing ones.

Anyway, this is why I got a cfc reader and since then I've had no trouble
moving loops around from repeater to computer (renaming loop numbers too)
and back.  Be careful when trying to save a loop to a location that already
contains a loop - trouble...

If you've got a repeater and a cfc reader (I got mine for $19) I would love
to have more participants in the loop thread.  The repeater is a really 
tool and one of the things it does is allow for online collaboration really
easily.  You don't have to receive emails to join the group, you can just
join to be part of the collective loop creation project.


check in the files section.