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Re: loop device endorsement - was Santanas looping bassist

I could not agree more!  I felt that the Repeater failed due to similar 
lack of a
long term marketing plan.  Sure, they had you as an indorser, and that's 
worth a
lot, IMO, but they did not follow up with more demos and clinics.  They 
did one
in San Rafael at Bananas At Large, and that's it, as far as I know.  I 
went into
a few stores that sold Repeaters and got comments from sales people like 
(this is
an actual quote of a Guitar Center employee) "Oh, that?  It doesn't seem 
to do
much."  I gave him a mini lecture about the possibilities, but what was 
needed was an exciting demo.  If you can excite the sales force, they in 
tern can
excite the customer.

Basically, what I'm saying is that what's happening at Kim's on Saturday 
be happening at Banana's At Large with some previous advertisment.  Doesn't
matter if a lot of customers don't show.  As long as the sales force is
impressed, the rest will fall into place.

Mark Sottilaro

Hedewa7@aol.com wrote:

> matthias, you said something about product endorsements being old-school 
> boring, or something much like that.....
> personally, i think that endorsements can be very useful & more than a 
> practical, when:
> 1) they reflect real useage,
> 2) the market niche is well-defined, and
> 3) they are pursued w/some long-range plan w/educational depth, 
> and most specifically in regards to 'hidden' instruments..... such as 
>the edp.
> (this is certainly the repeat of a discussion that i began having w/both 
> and the then-not-ready-for-committment-folks-at-gibson, when the edp was
> first released, after the failure of lexicon higher-up execs to stick w/a
> long-range plan for marketing the jamman).