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Re: loop device endorsement - was Santanas looping bassist

>I could not agree more!  I felt that the Repeater failed due to similar
>lack of a
>long term marketing plan. 
no --- repeater failed because they had an extremely unrealistic fiscal 
(as relates to r&d), imho. 

>Sure, they had you as an indorser, and that's
>worth a
>lot, IMO, but they did not follow up with more demos and clinics.  
see above.

>did one
>in San Rafael at Bananas At Large, and that's it, as far as I know.  I
>went into
>a few stores that sold Repeaters and got comments from sales people like
>(this is
>an actual quote of a Guitar Center employee) "Oh, that?  It doesn't seem
>to do
>much."  I gave him a mini lecture about the possibilities, but what was
>needed was an exciting demo.  If you can excite the sales force, they in
>tern can
>excite the customer.
yes. this needs to be done on a somewhat longterm basis, i think; after 
the products are for sale --- may as well inform the public as to *what 
do*, right?

>Basically, what I'm saying is that what's happening at Kim's on Saturday
>be happening at Banana's At Large with some previous advertisment.  
>matter if a lot of customers don't show.  As long as the sales force is
>impressed, the rest will fall into place.
i'd agree that that's a part of it, right there.
dt / s-c