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Re: Decay rate and time

> The idea to have the FB rate depending on the loop time to achieve an
> absolute fading time has been arround for a while (also on this list?)
> Technically it would not be complicated. We may have it in the
> future, but I suspect it will not be perfectly usefull either...
> --

at the point where Loop x.xx  will finally be a multitracker (meaning each 
real feedback would be obsolete and replaced by layer volume
and very limited undo per layer
overdub (new layer) then short undo :mute of the new layer; long undo: 
erase and
discard this last layer
feedback reduction would then mean layer output volume fade out (virtual
feedback)  as we do not want the memory fill with undo layers while 
feedback we could save a bunch of memory like that, for the sake of a 
maximum of
seperate tracks.


merde I'm late