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Re: Decay rate and time

At 10:43 AM 8/17/2002, Claude Voit wrote:
> > The idea to have the FB rate depending on the loop time to achieve an
> > absolute fading time has been arround for a while (also on this list?)
> > Technically it would not be complicated. We may have it in the
> > future, but I suspect it will not be perfectly usefull either...
> > --
>at the point where Loop x.xx  will finally be a multitracker (meaning 
>layer separate)

why would you necessarily want that? I would rather have multi-tracks but 
also the ability to layer things on one track just as it works now. The 
layering concept from delays turns out to be such a simple to use and 
elegant interface for making complex loops. The "track" interface from 
recording studios gives more flexibility, but at the expense of a much 
complex user interface.

>real feedback would be obsolete and replaced by layer volume

to me, they are not the same concepts at all. How does one replace the 
other? For me, the feedback+overdub combination very neatly and easily 
accomplishes something that is really complicated to manage with multiple 
tracks, for both the user and the system. I don't really see the point of 
trying to replace one with the other.

>and very limited undo per layer overdub (new layer) then short undo :mute 
>of the new layer; long undo: erase and discard this last layer feedback 
>reduction would then mean layer output volume fade out (virtual 
>feedback)  as we do not want the memory fill with undo layers while 
>reducing feedback we could save a bunch of memory like that, for the sake 
>of a maximum of seperate tracks.

but I do want the memory to fill with previous versions as feedback 
it. Then I can undo it to go backwards, which is interesting itself, but 
especially interesting when combined with overdubbing. That gives a very 
simple and intuitive way to evolve and unevolve a loop with just two 
buttons and a knob and very little thinking required.


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