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Re: David Torn EDP manual

I'm sorry Claude, but I've got to call you on this one.  No presence of 
and Kim or this list is an excuse for a poorly laid out manual.  (though 
appreciated!) Unlike the Repeater, the EDP does not have an intuitive 
Plain and simple.  I was able to start using the Repeater's basic 
functions without
looking at it's manual.  Kudos to Electrix, my they rest in peace.  That's 
OK, I've
owned Yamaha DX7s.  I can handle it.  But to criticize me because I'm 
hoping for a
clear and easy to understand manual is ludicrous.  I'm not the first to 
about it, it seems pretty universal.

And yeah, I'm 37 years old.  Not much time left.  Lot's of music to make.  
The less
I spend trying to figure out a piece of gear and the more I spend playing, 
better.  I'm not expecting to know the entire functionality of the EDP 
but having to go from page 11 to 71 just to learn how I can control the 
EDP via
MIDI, is silly.  A reference manual is not a substitution for a regular 
manual, but
an addition.  All the functionality should be explained in the main 
manual, and
short alphabetical descriptions of each function should reside the the 

Mark Sottilaro

Claude Voit wrote:

> Funny but ""DT"" is right
> my main question is
> Why are you so hungry impatient to know it all, to do it all now, gimme 
> video, the private lesson, the complete dummy guide NOW....etc
> comme on
> every thing is described with precise words whether in the manual, LD 
>edp pages,
> and you have the best support crew you can imagine:this list,