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Re: David Torn EDP manual

Funny but ""DT"" is right
my main question is
Why are you so hungry impatient to know it all, to do it all now, gimme the
video, the private lesson, the complete dummy guide NOW....etc
comme on
every thing is described with precise words whether in the manual, LD edp 
and you have the best support crew you can imagine:this list,

one great quote from Mick Goodrick's "the advancing guitarist" may explain 
by memory: **sometimes you dont understand what's in it not because of the 
but because youre not there yet to understand,
think about it  but  be sure to come back later**

Ive been hooked now since 4 years (3 years on loop4 alpha testing) and I'm 
discovering incredible things, areas, not because I know the functions but
because my imagination brought me there.
My imagination and involvement cannot be shared, its in me, don't wait for 
explanation or video to help you make music...
creativity will yeld to the true use/understanding of the function
youll have fun all along the way, true fun because what you invented, -you-
invented and understood.
there are so many ways to use the EDP in your music you dont need them all 
just the best for you


> Hey!  I know, we'll get David Torn to write it!
> hook up. press buttons and
> then make loop music. it is fun.
> loop loop! nice.
> best...
> Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
> Mark Sottilaro
> "Dennis W. Leas" wrote:
> >
> > In an earlier posting I joked about the "Mel Bay Guide to the EDP" but 
> > only partly in jest.  Perhaps some of us could contribute a short 
> > of basic "lessons" starting with basic functions and proceeding 
> > Basically, the EDP is simple to operate, after all.  It just has *so* 
> > cool extensions!