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Re: one for the guitarist's

I gig with a G&L/Freenote fretless S-500 guitar and
a G&L 63-tone microtonal JI S-500 guitar. -
At home other axes I play the most: Martin 000C-15E, all mahogany acoustic,
'93-'94 Strat Plus w/ DiMarzio Virtual Vintage p/u,
Music Man Sterling fretless bass (Jazz style neck),
and other assorted items that I rarely play: Oud, no-name lap steel, no-name
resophonic w/metal body & Lace P/U, a Gibson L-6S w/ Roland synth p/u (my first good guitar) and
various other guitars and basses.
99% of the time I use a Univalve amp with a ported 1x12 Harry Kolbe cab.
I own and occasionally use: 1956 White amp with a real low serial number
(same guts as a narrow face tweed Princeton, Forrest White was production
manager manager @ Fender at the time), a two Silverface Princetons,
a Silverface Bassman head, and a bunch of other stuff that's too much trouble
to list...BTW: I have an armed guard watching all this 24/7, and also dug
a moat around our apt. complex. This weekend we roll out the razor wire
on both sides of the moat. My neighbors love me!