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Re: I know, stereo

At 11:28 PM 6/30/2002, John Tidwell wrote:
>Maybe I'm just stuck in dumb-guitar-player mode, but
>here's a question I've been wanting to ask for years.
>What are you looping when you are stereo looping?
>I understand wanting 2 or more EDPs or a Repeater
>to do multitrack loops, but what are you guys/gals
>doing that requires the loop, as created, to be

I've often wondered about that too, in regards to live performance. How 
useful is stereo on stage?

I can see the point in a small, intimate setting where the audience is 
sitting in front of the speakers much as they would sit in front of their 
stereo at home. But how could that work in a larger venue? Wouldn't a lot 
of people only hear one channel or the other? Would the stereo effect be 
totally lost for most of the audience? Or worse, actually harm the sound 
for significant portions of the audience?

Does the sound guy at a larger club even care if you give him a stereo 
feed? Do they actually use it or just run it mono?

And what about a dance club? Is stereo even used in that context?

I'd be really interested to hear from people with experience with these 


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