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Re: My favorite inexpensive LOOPER and why

> I think the DL-4 is by far and away the best cheap looper on the market.
Hi Rick,

Thanks for the comments!  Based on my research I found the DL4
to be my first choice for a 'cheap' looper, there are some
things about it that make me want to get something better.

> If it had midi-syncability (shame, shame on LINE 6 for not adding this to
> the Echo PRO!!)
> I would have died and gone to heaven.
When you say MIDI-sync you mean keeping the loop synced to a
MIDI message, right?  I think the Echo Pro has a 'play once'
MIDI message--equivalent to the 'play once' switch on the DL4.
If you kept emitting 'play once' MIDI messages from a sequencer, 
wouldn't that essentially be syncing the Echo Pro?  Correct me 
if I'm wrong...