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Re: Line 6 DL 4

No, you can overdub anytime with the DL4. If you
want to record an overdub, just hit the record
button. It's all pretty self explanatory. For the
price one pays for the DL4, you can a truly
excellent piece of gear. I eventually ended up
getting a Boomerang, because the echo effect that
is available when you're looping on the DL4
doesn't sound anywhere near as good as the analog
and tape delay emulations it does. 

If you want something solely for the purposes of
woodshedding, the DL4 will probably do it. Later,
if you decide you want to use looping in your
music, you can get a Boomerang or Echoplex
Digital Pro or whatever, and just use the DL-4
for delay related effects (which is REALLY where
it shines, as far as I'm concerned). 

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