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jamman/stellac vs. repeater

I'm sorry this might be old and boring topic but if anyone cares to 
and compare the Jamman maybe with the Stellac ROM upgrade vs. the Electrix
Repeater, I'd be grateful.  Maybe there is something already written on 
that I could be directed to.

I have a JamMan.  Haven't used it much, not sure why, some problems getting
it to work with MIDI clock and general interface dissatisfaction.  The
Repeater seems more up my alley: better sound, storable loops, friendlier
interface, etc.  

Before I get rid of the Jamman, is there any reason to hold onto it?  Can
it, with the Stellac ROM do particularly unique and special things?

How much should I try to get for the JamPerson?  Where is a good place to
buy a Repeater at the best price?

Sorry if this is a boring topic, but at least it isn't OT...