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RE: Request help and advice on simple EDP process...

Cliff advised:
There is a ton of info on the Undo function in the archives- and be
aware- there is a LONG press of Undo also- give the archives a try-
After RZ responded to todd reynolds, who wrote:
>Undo option... Seems to take two button pushes to have anything happen

I have next to no direct experience with the EDP, but...

If a function requires more than one button press, how about
triggering it remotely from another controller?  That way the two
presses should have negligible time between them, certainly shorter
than two foot-taps.
And my question/observation:
I acquired the Peavey 1600x to make things better with MIDI and the EDPs.  
attempted to recreate the long press of the record button, a note on with 
subsequent note off, which was easy on the 1600x as it does not *do* note
off info.  Now I find that this long press recreation is
unreliable--sometimes it works initially, but after subsequent MIDI
messages, it reads the message as a short press, that is, note on and
off--and not only that, it creates a state where the same message from my
PMC-10 (note on with no note off) will not turn off record (the intended
action of the long press of the record button).  Has anyone else 
this problem--and does anyone have a suggestion?
Not a panic (!) situation, just curious.