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Re: ...new music online from TCReynolds

Amazing!.... I'm half way through the long mix and I LOVE it!  If you're 
in the SF area I'd love to see your performance.  Makes me long to be back 


todd reynolds wrote:

> Hey y'all...
> I humbly submit for your hearage some music I've been working on with 
> loopage...
> If you download the mp3 or mp3's at the top of this page... (3 or 16 
> edits),  you will hear a live version of myself on violin and jesse 
> on laptop with MAX/MSP.  Drum loops are the only thing that are NOT 
> on the tracks.  Jesse takes my rig directly and processes it, loops and
> all...  The entire track is done in real time with no pre-prepared 
> Oberheim, Repeater, Lex MPX G2, LXP 1 and 5,,, dass all...  Syncage from
> from titanium...
> http://www.toddreynolds.com/music.htm
> I don't post here that often, but I love this list and all it's resources
> and peoples...  I live in NYC and am a founding member of the mahavishnu
> project and steve reich's band for many years...
> Much respect and best wishes to all...
> Best,
> Todd Reynolds