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...new music online from TCReynolds

Hey y'all... 

I humbly submit for your hearage some music I've been working on with mucho

If you download the mp3 or mp3's at the top of this page... (3 or 16 minute
edits),  you will hear a live version of myself on violin and jesse stiles
on laptop with MAX/MSP.  Drum loops are the only thing that are NOT Violin
on the tracks.  Jesse takes my rig directly and processes it, loops and
all...  The entire track is done in real time with no pre-prepared loops...
Oberheim, Repeater, Lex MPX G2, LXP 1 and 5,,, dass all...  Syncage from
from titanium...


I don't post here that often, but I love this list and all it's resources
and peoples...  I live in NYC and am a founding member of the mahavishnu
project and steve reich's band for many years...

Much respect and best wishes to all...


Todd Reynolds