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Re: Places that accept donated gear

>i don't know if you are into the fix up old units, but
>i have an ART BCC floorboard, and expression/volume
>pedal to go with that unit, and a morley fuzz wah that
>all have something wrong with them...as i am moving
>this weekend, they will be thrown out within a few
>days unless you want them...

I've been trying to find a salvage place to give the 98% of a Farfisa organ
I have.  Cirtcuitry problems and broken stand.  But last I tried it, the
keyboard action was sweet.  So I think it could be good for spare parts.

I'll give it to whoever can come (to Ansonia, CT) and take it away.  (And
heck, we could mess around a bit with the working 'lectronix I have.)
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