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re: Roland RC-20 query

Just got this a day or so before the recent question came up - sorry it
looks like it's floated off the active topics...

I believe the question was "If I have 5.5 minutes of memory, how can the
phrase memory be 'full' after 20 seconds?"

I believe that the answer is that the 5.5 minutes is shared by all
eleven phrase storage locations.

I was struggling with the same question, and also had some problems
clearing out phrase storage locations, which isn't as simple as the
'manual' would suggest.  It sems that the buttons must be pressed in a
certain order to erase a phrase and open up the slot for recording a

I'm new to looping and am still trying to get my arms around this tool,
but see my next challenge as signal routing.  I'm beginning to think I
need to add at least one more volume pedal to my rig, so that I may
silently input a signal, and then need to be able to fade the device
output in or out.  Still not sure about what I'll connect where, but I'm
happy to see that there is a stereo line input as well as the guitar and
mic inputs, although I haven't actually tried to see if all are active
at the same time..... 

Anyway I'm having some fun with some new textures.

Dan Ash