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Re: Cable direction my ass

one of my freelancers happens to be a younger sibling of one of the 
guys from Audience, a manufacturer of audiophile cables.


check out these prices!!!! ouch...

so, as we work together, we got lots of gossip about how her brother 
was developing guitar cables.  she asked if i was interested in 
getting some to try out, and if so, to give her a list of cable 
lengths.  supposedly at the time, he was giving out the cables to 
professionals to try out and give him feedback.  i just happened to 
be an interested friend o' the family.

so i asked him to make me up some short patch cords for my 
pedalboard, and a few long ones as well.  she warned me ahead of time 
that when her bro said "it'll take about 3 weeks..." he actually 
meant "3 months".

several months later...hehe...my cables arrived...all individually 
packaged in plastic bags with literature claiming the sonic purity, 
etc. of these cables, and with arrows to show the correct direction.

so i run home and try them out and they were so crazy microphonic 
that i couldn't even use them.  nice neutrik connectors, though! 
given the user's list on their website, i guess someone's getting use 
out of 'em.

for me, they are sitting around somewhere...

audiophile stuff kinda cracks me up...i'm sure there's something to 
it, but once you've pushed past a certain threshold, you end up 
having to sell it to yourself, IMO.

"can you hear it?  if you listen REALLY, REALLY hard.... can you?"
"well....hmmmm....oh wait, yes...no...hmmmm...well, i guess...well...."

but hey, since the manufacturers are going to have to sell us all the 
next generation 48bit/whatever khz stuff in a few years anyway, we'll 
all be in this game sooner than we know, i guess.