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Re: Cables have direction/direction my ass


cables have directionality, despite arguments to the contrary.  it has to 
with the structure of the copper "lining up" in such a way that facilitates
better signal transfer.  basically, cables are tested before they leave the
shop/factory/garage marking the direction.  however, it takes hours of
actual signal carrying for the cable to "learn" the direction and utilize
this natural physical attribute.


no offense intended, but all copper wire isn't the same.  the only
difference is the level of purity.  is this an audiophile issue?  yes.  can
the average joe hear a difference in copper purity?  probably not.  there
are, however, devices that determine this level of purity.  the impurities
act as speed bumps, sort of...the more impurities, the less your signal 
travel uninterrupted.

there is also the issue of stranded vs. solid wire.

you can elect to buy silver cable, if you just won the lottery.  i played
with a bassist once who spent $1000 on a 20' cable.  officially absurd, in
my opinion.  nobody hears THAT much difference.

i'm a firm believer that monster does, in fact, cook their information but
one can't deny that there isn't a difference in the sound from cable to