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Re: Allen & Heath MixWizard

I own this mixer and I love it- you can get it for less than $1300 if your
in with a shop-

Only issue I had was a subgroup indicator light which after 20 mins or so
would slowly start to glow- I returned and got another with same issue- no
response at ALL from AH support- I never heard it affect sound and just 
with it- but was discouraging to get such poor support= no support at all.

It is built like a tank tho- and I have been very happy with the aux which
1-4 are pre/post and 5-6 are pre/post-

I have been using it in a studio capacity- so I don't even take advantage 
some features which would shine in a live setup as you mention.


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> At the ELectron SAlon performance Sunday night the FOH mixer was an
> Allen and Heath MixWizard model WZ14:4:2+
> <http://www.allen-heath.co.uk/WZ1442.asp>
> This could easily be the mixer I've been wishing for. This is a high
> quality mixer with a great deal of flexibility. It has 10 mono
> inputs, with mic pres, plus two stereo inputs, for a subtotal of 14
> balanced inputs with 100 mm faders. These inputs also have 6
> auxiliary sends, switchable in groups (4 and 2) between pre and post.
> In contrast to Mackie and the like, these 6 sends are simultaneously
> available on each channel (no choosing between Aux 1, 2, 3, 4 or 1,
> 2, 5, 6).  There are also four stereo returns, a tape return, and a
> talkback mic input, which brings the total number of inputs up to 25.
> There are four groups, Left/Right mains, and mono outputs, all of
> which are balanced with both TRS and XLR connectors.  There are also
> inserts and direct outs on the first 10 input channels.
> With this board one could run a show with 3 stereo effects (fed in
> stereo) or 4 effects (fed in mono) plus two monitor mixes, and
> provide surround sound of up to 6 channels.
> $1500 list. I've seen it for $1300.
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