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Allen & Heath MixWizard

At the ELectron SAlon performance Sunday night the FOH mixer was an 
Allen and Heath MixWizard model WZ14:4:2+ 

This could easily be the mixer I've been wishing for. This is a high 
quality mixer with a great deal of flexibility. It has 10 mono 
inputs, with mic pres, plus two stereo inputs, for a subtotal of 14 
balanced inputs with 100 mm faders. These inputs also have 6 
auxiliary sends, switchable in groups (4 and 2) between pre and post. 
In contrast to Mackie and the like, these 6 sends are simultaneously 
available on each channel (no choosing between Aux 1, 2, 3, 4 or 1, 
2, 5, 6).  There are also four stereo returns, a tape return, and a 
talkback mic input, which brings the total number of inputs up to 25.

There are four groups, Left/Right mains, and mono outputs, all of 
which are balanced with both TRS and XLR connectors.  There are also 
inserts and direct outs on the first 10 input channels.

With this board one could run a show with 3 stereo effects (fed in 
stereo) or 4 effects (fed in mono) plus two monitor mixes, and 
provide surround sound of up to 6 channels.

$1500 list. I've seen it for $1300.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202