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Re: Vortex schematics and old holtek chips

Hi Jim,

>> Maybe I guessed wrong on U10, maybe
>> I need to go find me a DSP hacker.

>won't you need to change the program (eprom?) to address new ram?

Possibly, that's why I might have to ask a few friends in the telecoms 
whether they fancy a challenge :-) In an ideal world there's just one or 
locations that need a tweak.. worst case the amount of ram (and fractions 
therof) gets hard coded in lots of places as magic number constants and 
you have
to find and edit all of those.... not a nice job :-(

>that sounds like a lot of fun.
>you might want to trademark that name
>(nasty monster noisemaker thingy)

Heh, if it turns out to be fun I'll be sure to post details somewhere but 
expect an easy interface it'll be low down techy nasty I'm afraid (but then
nothing that someone who knows their way around a mixing desk couldn't 


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