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Re: Vortex & Holtek chip

Hi Andy,

>I think I actually have one of those chips! (in a Maplin project)

Would that be the 'voice vandal' by any chance? I tried to buy one of
those kits exactly a month after they were withdrawn after being in the
catalogue for
years.. poop! If it was, what does it sound like? I was always intrigued by

>I probably have the datasheet if you need it

Thanks for the offer but I've since found something that is still being 
made and
might be much better for the job (if a bit lighter on the delay time)
the PT2399 and PT2396 both go up to around 300ms, have built in
RAM and cost $3.95 and $3.50 from smallbear... cheap enough to
have loads!
... oh and it's SRAM too which means they should keep the data in sleep
mode which might make for fun mini sampling setups, just a shame the 
ram means you can't do an easy 'infinite hold' by simply switching the 
line off ( a nice cheap mod for anyone with a digital delay stomp box BTW)
anyway I digress as usual :-)


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