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Gibson guitar festival

I thought I'ld let everyone know on the list that there are some great
guitar concerts coming up in the next two weeks in the Nashville area for
those interested. I'm fortunate to be playing percussion on a couple of 
this weekend. Gibson is sponsoring the even this week and next. You can
check it out at www.NCO.org

Thursday March 28th 8:00 pm
Green's Grocery, Franklin, Tn.
Muriel Anderson
Brent Mason
John Johns
William Yelverton 
with the Nashville Chamber Orchestra Quintet

Friday March 29th- 8:00 pm
Gibson Cafe Milano, Nashville
Phil Keaggy
John Jorgenson
The Hot Club of Nashville(J.Jorgenson,Bryan Sutton,Richard Smith, Stuart
Duncan, and Charlie Chadwick  with the NCO Quintet

Saturday March 30th- 8:00 pm
Ford Theatre, Country Music Hall of Fame
Pete Huttlinger
John Johns
Bryan Sutton
and the NCO Quintet

No looping probably but some amazing guitar playing..If you are in the area
check it out. I'm playing friday and saturday....tr