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Re: Soundart Chameleon

>Yes, there seems to be surprisingly little memory on the Chameleon.  This
>looks like the bottleneck to me, at least for any serious looping.
>Also, I'm surprised the Chameleon doesn't have some kind of higher speed
>interface, like Firewire, ethernet, or even USB 2.0.  While the MIDI
>interface on the Chameleon is certainly required for us loopers and it has
>an RS232 interface, there doesn't seem to be a good way to save/transfer
>'dem loops once you make them!  Although it does support a Flash card, you
>still can't digitally transfer a loop in real-time other than via MIDI
>Perhaps Soundarts will offer an Enhanced Chameleon.  So what do you call a
>bigger Chameleon?

Thats what I think. We may try to adapt our stuff to it and hope for 
the Dragon to come out.


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