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Re: Soundart Chameleon

> >Re: Soundart Chameleon
> >On first glance this looks very interesting indeed.
> >and seems very reasonably priced for what it might do.
> >
> >Perhaps some of the more technically knowledgeable folk on the list
> >should give this the once over.
> >(is the processor powerful enough, etc)
> yes, and it should be more or less compatible with the LOOP code!

That's quite interesting!  I haven't looked at the Motorola Cold-Fire
microprocessor but it makes sense that it's similar to Motorola's other

The DSP is likewise similar to those found in Symbolic Sound's Kyma,
Eventide's Orville, Lake Technology's Huron, et al.  But there is only one
DSP on the Chameleon.  Still, I don't think processor power is the
bottleneck for Chameleon looping.

> >Could be a good platform for looping software.
> >(80s of loop time, enough???)
> I dont think so...

Yes, there seems to be surprisingly little memory on the Chameleon.  This
looks like the bottleneck to me, at least for any serious looping.

Also, I'm surprised the Chameleon doesn't have some kind of higher speed
interface, like Firewire, ethernet, or even USB 2.0.  While the MIDI
interface on the Chameleon is certainly required for us loopers and it has
an RS232 interface, there doesn't seem to be a good way to save/transfer
'dem loops once you make them!  Although it does support a Flash card, you
still can't digitally transfer a loop in real-time other than via MIDI

Perhaps Soundarts will offer an Enhanced Chameleon.  So what do you call a
bigger Chameleon?

Dennis Leas