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Re: Whats up with my repeater...?

Guys,  I just dicovered what was happening wiv repeater, which is odd to say the least, however im now not sure if its a fault. i did reinstall the software, however the problem still exists (see orig post below).
So those with repeaters, try this. Its SO easy to loop a drum loop onto it (as described in the manual) BUT ONLY if its your FIRST loop/track. Now try to record a drumloop onto the second track AFTER having already defined the loop length... Now Ive tried everything.. midi mode from drummachine to record a loop from it *(should keep it exactly the right length to grab a perfect loop, try it... if you'all get it right, then I DO have a problem, but i dont think i do...
try it and let us know???
Mark Red,
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Try re-installing the OS.





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Subject: Whats up with my repeater...?


Just had a big prob wiv repeater...

Its suddenly got this distorted, slightly chrunchy sound, and is become all um(thinking of technical term) wobbley! The pitch warbles about, and isnt synching. Tryed all synch modes.. and most worryingly... It still does it if I only using internal memory and not the CFC!!!!!

Does it have a "hard reset" or something... I admit that it had been on for a while, maybe even a week, could it be hot???


Havent tried yet this morning. Really dont wanna send it away, cos i use it for work everyday, AND i live in Norway so its an expensive postage, not to mention the hassle we have to go thru with customs on return, can delay stuff a month!!!