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Re: Z Vex Fuzz Factory

>Anyone here familiar with the Z Vex Fuzz Factory?
>I've been contemplating getting one for the last
>couple years, but would like to know a little
>about it for I drop that kind of money. Is it as
>warped as the Z Vex website makes it sound?
Oooh yeah, it's warped alright. Seriously so. No other fuzzbox sounds 
like the the FF. No other fuzzbox gets the range of tones of the FF. 
Most boxes have one "basic" tone and let you make small variations on 
that sound. Not the FF, Small knob movements will give you a 
completely different sound. This is good and bad. I stopped using my 
FF live just because I couldn't get the time to dial it in before 
each gig. However, I love it for recording and sound design kinda 
stuff. I've started using a Z-Vex Woolly Mammoth for live stuff 
lately, mostly on bass, but it sounds great on rhodes, synth, piccolo 
bass, etc, as well, and it's much more controllable than the FF. 
Still, they're both amazing pedals.
Dave Trenkel                                New and Improv Music
http://www.newandimprov.com         improv@peak.org