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Re: dead jam man (or not?)

That really does sound like a power supply with an intermittent short 

Mark Sottilaro

On Sunday, March 24, 2002, at 06:29  AM, o.malhomme wrote:

> You may remember (I don't think so but anyway) I poste a few month ago a
> message my Jam Man went suddenly dead, with all leds lighting at start
> up and then the unit going dead.
> I had checked the wall wart to no result.
> I couldn't find any one to repair it  here (in France) or at a price
> totally insane.
> BUT the whole point of this message is the unit suddenly is working
> again, and I want to share the solution in case it would happen to
> anyone...
> A friend of mine proposed me to have a look inside the rack, since
> anyway, there is nothing I could do, in a search of anything easy to
> identify visually.
> We then proceeded in unplugging everything that was pluuged in the Jam
> Man
> - input/output cable
> - midi in
> - a bunch of Proel momentary switches (in fact, sustain pedals that can
> be assembled together like a puzzle and that you can switch in
> latched/unlatched mode).
> I forgot the plug of the wallwart.
> And then the unit when on again, totally normally!
> This has happened once again recently (remaking all ground connections
> in my studio, and with protected circuits against lightning, and "above
> normal voltage"). at restartup: dead jam man again. I unplugged the
> switches and replugged them again, and everything was back normal.
> Weird. But conveniently reassuring.
> Not to mention a working jam man !
>  I don't have any explanation to provide for this but I am a happy
> camper.
> Maybe it can help...
> Olivier Malhomme