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dead jam man (or not?)

You may remember (I don't think so but anyway) I poste a few month ago a
message my Jam Man went suddenly dead, with all leds lighting at start
up and then the unit going dead.

I had checked the wall wart to no result.

I couldn't find any one to repair it  here (in France) or at a price
totally insane.
BUT the whole point of this message is the unit suddenly is working
again, and I want to share the solution in case it would happen to

A friend of mine proposed me to have a look inside the rack, since
anyway, there is nothing I could do, in a search of anything easy to
identify visually.

We then proceeded in unplugging everything that was pluuged in the Jam
- input/output cable
- midi in
- a bunch of Proel momentary switches (in fact, sustain pedals that can
be assembled together like a puzzle and that you can switch in
latched/unlatched mode).

I forgot the plug of the wallwart.

And then the unit when on again, totally normally!

This has happened once again recently (remaking all ground connections
in my studio, and with protected circuits against lightning, and "above
normal voltage"). at restartup: dead jam man again. I unplugged the
switches and replugged them again, and everything was back normal.

Weird. But conveniently reassuring.
Not to mention a working jam man !

 I don't have any explanation to provide for this but I am a happy
Maybe it can help...

Olivier Malhomme