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Re: Kim's taste in tea?

Mr. Lawson,

Well, unfortunately nobody was shooting video at that moment, and my
memory is kind of hazy with only a few hours' sleep the nights before,
so instead of making it sound like I knew exactly what I was talking
about, I made tried to make it quite clear that I only think I knew
approximately what I was talking about.

OK, so maybe I'm just a big fat liar.  I am sure that I offered everyone
who was upstairs at that moment some tea, and I'm also positive that I
got some replies, both positive and negative, and furthermore I'm sure
that I drank some tea and so did Matthias, and probably Steve Rice, and
maybe even one or two others - there were quite a few cups in the dish
drainer after everyone had gone - but I'm not sure that Kim was even in
the room at that time.  I just thought it would make a funny story, and
I didn't think anybody was going to bust my chops about it.  I don't
even know if it was actually herbal tea that we were drinking - it was a
sampler box that my mom had brought me during a visit, and I just
grabbed the packs out without looking.  It may even have been fruit tea,
for all I know.  But I do remember very clearly that Kim didn't drink
any of the tea, herbal or not, because I considered offering him some
whiskey instead but I didn't want to offend him that morning with a
tumbler of Kentucky bourbon aged only nine years, knowing good and well
from past discussions in this forum that he prefers 'whiskys' from your
general neighborhood, so there. :)


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> >I'll vouch for that.  Matthias and I and Steve Rice were drinking
herbal tea
> >the morning after Loopstock, and when I offered Kim a cup, he sternly
> >refused.  "No thanks" is what I think he said.
> you 'think' that's what he said???? this is going in the archives and
> dare to post such spurious unsubstantiated stuff about
> he-who-must-be-obeyed???? If I was Kim I'd have my lawyers onto you by
> now... and I thought the British tabloid press were bad for
> people...
> :o)
> Steve
> (who is rather partial to a fruit tea now and then)