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Re: DL4 distortion problems part3

In my opinion, they're cool.  My only experience with them has been
through a partnership between my company (the one I work for, that is)
and theirs, but they've taken very good care of us.  I don't see any
reason why they wouldn't treat paying customers just as well.


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Sent: Friday, March 22, 2002 6:57 PM
Subject: DL4 distortion problems part3

> [Part 2 was'nt delivered, i guess, cause i used the f word]
> I have 2 DL4's,  The new one distorts in the top end,
> Tried them both separatley, with different power supply's,
> with and with out batteries.
> the new one clearly distorts in the top end!
> With no effects, straight through , dry.
> Tried lowering the gain into the unit,  no difference.
> Sent it back for a service, locally. but i'm in australia.
> Do LINE6 tack units back for repair, are they cool?
> cam