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RE: foot switch noise

Are these metal switches momentary like on the Digitech FS300 or do they
make a click caused by engaging and disengaging the switch?  I guess the
best of both worlds would be a sturdy metal mechanism with
plastic/graphite, etc. dampers eliminating the noise.  Probably a $50
switch! :-)


P.S. Thanks to everyone who has made comments about the EDP
footcontroller.  I have found everyone's comment extremely helpful.

> > I'm talking acoustic noise from the mechanical action of 
> the switch. 
> > (it
> > becomes electronic if you use a microphone.)
> > 
> > you can hear the call of the DL-4 from across the room.
> > 
> > kim
> Too true. Has anyone jury-rigged any successful methods of 
> quieting them?
> (ie: rubber grommets or tape around the base of the switches)
> Cheers,
> Scott M2