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RE: solicitation for beat chopping ideas in EDP

>For this reason tutorial video or written tutorial with audio examples 
>be worth their weight in gold. Hint, hint :-)

whats the weight of a bit? ;-)
in form of text, there is a lot on LD.
Anyone could compile more from the lists archive.

A video would be a good thing. But not so easy.

>As incentive this could be done for some $$ profit for the creators of

I doubt it, somehow...

>Maybe in conjunction with release of new OS?

not directly because we are uptight with the release.
But you can come to a meeting here in Oakland and see and listen and 
try and ask and film and scream of pleasoore for a whole day
very soon
how many $$ is that worth?

>>  The reason that these are such great tips, is that they are practical 
>>  case examples.  The edp manual has a wealth of knowledge, but if you 
>>  apply it practically, you are struggling and discovering by
>>  accident (Which
>>  isn't bad, just a longer road).
>>  I resolve to post any useful use-case examples that I stumble across.


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